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The horrific and tragic event that claimed the lives of 15 high school students and two educators is yet another reminder that we must take action and pass common-sense gun safety laws before there is one more life lost. We can preserve the right to bear arms protected by the Second Amendment, and still take reasonable precautions to protect our children and the general public.

It’s obvious that there are far too many loopholes that allow dangerous criminals or those with mental illnesses to access guns. We need background checks that will make communities and our families safer.

As we’ve seen too often in Florida, assault weapons are designed to inflict mass carnage and injuries within seconds. We need a full ban on weapons of war.

And it’s time to close the gun show loophole so that dangerous individuals cannot bypass the laws designed to protect our children and communities.

As your Congressman, David will fight to protect our families by pushing for background checks for gun purchases, keeping assault weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally unstable, and closing dangerous gun show loopholes to make communities safer.

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