October 22, 2018 In The News, Media

SNNTV: David Shapiro Neighborhood Canvassing Comes to Newtown

SARASOTA – Democratic candidate David Shapiro spent Sunday afternoon meeting and mingling with Sarasota Newtown neighbors.

Running for congress district 16, Shapiro believes in order to reach people, it is necessary to meet them for yourself.

With 16 days away from the upcoming November 6th midterm election, Shapiro says the last few weeks have been a battery charge.

“I think it empowers us, the campaign to go knock on doors, talk to the people, they’re very engaged generally as you get closer to the election, so this is the perfect time to you know bother them so to speak because generally they have an opinion, and I want to hear it and I want to help and tell them what I stand for,” said Shapiro.

“But I especially feel really good about it, you know I’m hearing what they’re saying, I want to make sure that what I’m thinking is what’s important to the voters. I can’t wait to get to Washington DC to help represent the folks who we’re meeting here, I think they really badly need it, you know Washington is broken and I’m going to try and get there and fix it,” said Shapiro.

Hoping to strengthen his campaign, Shapiro has been making appearances at events around Sarasota and plans to continue more canvasing in the upcoming weeks.