August 21, 2018 In The News, Media, Press Release

Statement on Congressman Buchanan Receiving Yacht Loan from Foreign Bank Trying to Influence 2017 Tax Bill

SARASOTA, FL – Congressional Candidate David Shapiro today issued a statement on Congressman Vern Buchanan receiving a loan for his $3.5m yacht from a foreign bank trying to influence the 2017 Washington Republican tax handout.

“Last month, we learned Congressman Buchanan used his position in Washington to to line his own pockets to the tune of $2.1 million, while working and retired Floridians paid the price,” Shapiro said. “Today, we learned the Congressman financed his yacht with a loan from a foreign bank lobbying on the tax bill. It’s time Vern Buchanan answer the question once and for all: is he representing Florida families in Washington, or his special interests?”

This story is the latest development in Congressman Vern Buchanan’s consistently serving himself and his special interest donors, over Florida families. Recently, it was revealed that Congressman Buchanan bought a yacht the same day he voted for the Republican tax bill, a bill he personally benefited from in the form of a tax handout.