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Meet David

As an attorney for more than 30 years, David has spent his career protecting Floridians from predatory insurance companies, government incompetence, and big corporations — and he plans to take that fight to Washington, where career politicians have failed to protect Florida families time and time again. David will fight to protect Social Security and Medicare, stand up for our veterans, fix our healthcare system, fight for our environment, and work for real tax reform that helps middle class families without blowing up the deficit like Washington has already done.

On The Issues

Learn more about where David stands on the issues facing our country.

Affordable Healthcare

David believes access to affordable, high-quality healthcare is crucial for our economy and the well-being of our communities.

Jobs and the Economy

David will fight for a higher minimum wage, job training for the 21st Century, and tax cuts that help working families.

Standing with Veterans

Our community is home to more than 74,000 veterans who have served our nation.

What is going on with the campaign

David Shapiro: On Our Side

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